Sunday, October 29, 2006

I bought a book today

and it's quite rare for me to buy proper real recipe books. The cake recipes are usually mixed up amongst other courses (like the Nigella books) and I don't buy 'meat' books as we are all veggie here so it seems a bit of a waste. Delia is a little too smug for my liking and her recipes are far too wordy (I wish she'd just get to the point!!) Most of them are available on her site anyway. A lot of my recipes are found after trawling Google until I find something that looks 'right'. But today I was in The Works getting some cheap padded envelopes and this one called to me with it's pretty cover and bargainous £3.99 price sticker so I couldn't say no. Flicking through it the pictures are gorgeous and there are so many things I want to make!! So look out for something from this book on here soon.

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