Saturday, August 04, 2007

Coloured Cupcakes

Having lost my baking mojo yet again I was forced to make a comeback this evening. Boy is having an impromptu sleepover at his aunties tomorrow night along with her friend and her two boys. Not only did I have to chuck on a load of washing to make sure he had some clean socks (note the summer holiday slacker!) but there was also the question 'Is there any cake?' so I had to come up with something in a hurry. It seems that getting rid of Boy for the evening comes at a price.

Those figures to the left, to the untrained eye, may just look like a bunch of muppets in costumes. Not if you are 6 years old, To Boy, being a Power Ranger is an actual job description and he firmly believes he will grow up and go to Power Ranger school for training. He wants to be the red one. I haven't had the heart to tell him that in real life the world does actually suck a fair bit and no amount of Mystic Morphers and Delta Blasting is going to change it. He quite happily goes through the day starting every sentence with 'When I'm Power Ranger I can watch tv/ go to the cinema/ blast down the neighbours gate whenever I like. The programmes are truly awful though. They don't appear to have any storyline whatsoever and are full of cheesy lines such as 'Welcome to my sty, hope you like it coz you're never leavin' which does make me laugh. I'm actually considering having that made into a welcome sign to hang in the front porch.

So Power Rangers were the inspiration for my cupcakes, I figured they would be popular with the boys. I had most of the colours of food colouring paste from other projects, the only thing I am lacking is a yellow which I also need for Girls' birthday cake in a couple of weeks (I'm attempting to make her a Teletubbies cake), I bought the coloured paper cases while in the cook shop searching for the yellow colouring. All the cakes are iced in matching colour apart from the yellow ones which had to be done in white which does ruin the effect somewhat. I also had nothing more exciting than the ubiquitous sprinkles to put on top but all in all not a bad effort for short notice.

The recipe I used was the one size fits all cupcakes made in muffin cases. They came out perfectly flat so no need to trim any peaks off them. According to a discussion on Damsels, peaks are made when the oven temp is too hot. Learn something new every day.


Sinead said...

Excellent work!!

rosamundi said...

According to a discussion on Damsels, peaks are made when the oven temp is too hot. Learn something new every day.

Another cause can be over-filling your cake cases.